Next Chapter: Summit Design Challenges

September 17, 2011 in Blog, Summit by Laura Deisley

The event starts now.
Your voice and that of our broader community is critical to the success of Next Chapter. Therefore, we ask each of you to propose one or more design challenges or issues that impact your thinking about the future of your library or libraries in general. Think locally and globally.

We have established four categories to organize our thinking. We’ll assemble the challenges under each category and participants will vote on the challenges, narrowing them to three broad ideas that our cohorts will explore during the summit. We have provided some primers under each category to help frame them and guide your thinking, but remember your questions are not limited to these primers. The categories are:

Purpose: In what way will visitors benefit? Strategies for delivering the desired benefits? Strategies for the communication of the benefits? Sustainable organizations? Cultural transformations?
People: Consider internal and external constituents. What is the desired library experience? Skills required to provide desired experiences? How are the constituent relationships encouraged and nutured?
Things: The physical space? And the stuff in the space? Centralized? De-centralized? How does it transition from center of information to center of an ecosystem? What does it look like?
Behavior: How does the space act? What are the desired interactions within and around library? How does library support interactions?

For those of you who are attending, you may bring ideas with you as well!