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“Reclaim your role as eco-role models and exemplars in your community. Change is happening rapidly. Let libraries continue to be at the center of it.”

— Wanda Urbanska, host of Simple Living

“Design thinking is about creating a multipolar experience in which everyone has the opportunity to participate in the conversation.”

— Tim Brown, author of Change by Design

“Libraries are very much like a “commonplace” book—the experiences, needs, and contributions of people—both librarians and the members of the communities they serve—are what create an organic, intertextual story of the past, present, and future possibilities for library. I see libraries as what Dr. Dennis Sumara calls “commonplace locations–collecting places–for ongoing interpretation” where literate communities can form and where relationships to ideas and people, not containers or objects, encourage participation and communal knowledge construction.”

— Buffy J. Hamilton, Re:Ed Advisor and Library Journal Mover and Shaker 2011




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