Enchantment. The August Design Challenge

August 8, 2011 in August Design Challenge by Ethan Bodnar


Imagine an enchanting place.
Imagine it as a library.
Now imagine an enchanting experience.
Imagine it as library. Library as verb.
What is your experience in this enchanted place called library?
Your students’ experience?
Your colleagues’ experience?


Share with us what makes each experience, each moment, an enchanted one in the Library of the Future. Put each user, each patron, under the spell of library.

Submit any one or more of the following:
Visual collage, 30 sec video, Voice recording, Narrative description of 300 words or less

Please submit below by leaving a comment.
Submittals are due September 9th Midnight EST.

All of the submittal will be archived and shared with the community on the Next Chapter website and at the National Summit in Atlanta September 23rd – 25th.


Guy Kawasaki talks of three qualities necessary for enchantment:
• Trustworthiness: The care for your client’s every need.
• Likability: Taking the time to know your client.
• Having a fantastic product and exceptional service.

To read more about Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment, click here.

We believe it starts with user-centered design. Sculpting the interactions and behaviors necessary for a rich human experience. Scripting them, describing the sensory experience – what you ‘see’, what you ‘feel’, how you ‘interact’ – combined with mission and ethos these experiences are the ingredients of the magic of library. Crafting culture, service, brand and the environment.