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What Librarians Think

June 14, 2011 in May Design Challenge

Last month we asked a number of experts from different fields about their tagline for the future of the library and what it meant to them. In this second episode, we spoke to four librarians from around the country. Each librarian gave her tagline as well as some insight into a number of different topics that gave us a better picture of what they thought would be the future of the library.

We had the pleasure of interviewing:

Emily Dittmar from Minnesota
Beth Friese from Georgia
Sarah Levin from California
Susan Grigsby from Georgia

Thanks for listening and we hope you find the podcast to be informative.


Celebrating Taglines from May Challenge

June 3, 2011 in May Design Challenge

Tagline Challenge Podcast

May 31, 2011 in May Design Challenge

May brought the start of our virtual challenges. In this month’s challenge, we asked:

“What is the tagline for the future of  the library?”

We collected your responses in the form of tweetsFacebook wall posts, and blog comments.

In addition to your contributions, we interviewed a number of experts for our first podcast, asking them the same question.

In the podcast, which is available below, we interviewed experts from the worlds of libraries, education, and architecture.

Our contributors included:

Enjoy the podcast and let us know what you think of their interpretation of the future of the library.


Join the May Design Challenge!

May 12, 2011 in May Design Challenge

Write the TAGLINE for the K-12 library of the future. In 140 characters or less, provide one or more taglines that you believe capture the spirit, imagination and place called library.

  • Redefined ideas of community.
  • Exponential access to information.
  • Rapidly shifting context.
  • Multiple voices leveraged.
  • Learning, design and making happening everywhere.
  • Imagination is the fuel.

The library as we know it is changing.

So what!?!

What does it mean to your neighbor, the guy out mowing his lawn? Or, the girls on the soccer team? Have they noticed a change? Do they see this and think library? What did the grocery store clerk and her middle school son do the last time they were at the library? The teacher? What does it mean for him and his students?

Capture the potential, the opportunity, the energy of this place called library. What’s the message? You’ve got 15 seconds to capture the imagination of the mother in the elevator, the kid on the skateboard, the driver in the car.

Create a buzz.

Submit using any of the following:

  • Twitter: add the hashtag #nxtchp2011
  • Facebook:
  • Our Website: Comment on this Blog Post!

Submittals are due May 21st Midnight EST.

Initial review and judging will take place May 23rd – 25th to select a shortlist of 10. The shortlist will be published on the Next Chapter Design Challenge site and the community of participants will be asked to vote for the top three. Final selection will be May 27th. All submittals will be archived and shared with the community.

Click on “comments” to add yours here. Now. Inspire Us.

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